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What to Expect at ChiroSolutions

First Visit

You will be warmly welcomed on your initial visit to ChiroSolutions. You will find that parking is convenient. Parking is complementary and ideally located in front of the building.

Deana Metus, receptionist

Deana Metus – Receptionist

Make Yourself at Home

When you first come into our office, you’ll be greeted by Deana, who will give you some paperwork to fill out. Alternatively, this paperwork can be found here on our website and filled out prior to your appointment.

This first visit consists of a consultation and an examination/assessment followed by your first treatment. The purpose of your consultation with the doctor is to discuss your health goals and to determine if chiropractic is likely to help you. If it looks promising, a thorough examination will help identify the cause of your problem. If the doctor thinks x-rays are required for a complete diagnosis you will be directed to a nearby facility for a radiographic examination and a report by a consultant radiologist.

Second Visit

The second visit is primarily for your second treatment. But if you wish to receive instructions on how to use our complementary Whole Body Vibration studio, this is the time to ask. The doctor may recommend certain exercises for you on this visit. The machines are gentle and can be used by anyone at any age. However if you don’t want use the machines just say so and we can recommend other exercises to speed up your recovery.

Do I have to go for the rest of my life?

‘’Our goal is to find and correct the cause of your problems not just treat your symptoms” –Dr. Mark

After your problem has been resolved, you will not be persuaded to sign up for life. If you do decide to continue with maintenance care to make sure your body is functioning properly, we’re able to help you with that. There is no pressure at our office, and we’re here for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We are happy to discuss any questions you might have about chiropractic care and how we can help you. Call (705) 443-8777 today.

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