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Neuro-Connect Golf

The NeuroConnect devices are located at the midline and the lateral part of the ankles. Using the 3 devices optimizes joint and muscle function. Additionally, a fourth device can be attached to the putter head. This places the putter head in the neurological field of the body helping you to feel more connected to your putter or any other club you choose. We recommend adhering it on the putter which is used most frequently in a round of golf. Most golfers testify to improved putter head control.


  1. The devices will help you to groove your golf swing by ensuring the correct muscles and joints involved in the mechanics of the golf swing are activated when you practice and when you play.
  2. The devices were originally designed for patients with chronic or recurring lower back, hip, knee and neck problems. They cause the nervous system to optimize the function of the muscles associated with all our joints so they function correctly during activities. When our muscles support joint function, normal biomechanics return.
  3. Osteoarthritic changes can be the result of trauma or wear and tear of joints. Nevertheless, the correct function of the muscles supporting those joints is essential to prevent further degeneration. Additionally, the devices lessen the likelihood of injury caused by the incorrect use of muscles and joints.

Golf Shaft Enhancement Technology

The videos below demonstrate NeuroConnect Golf Shaft Enhancement technology. These videos show before and after tests using identically weighted clubs. The second club contains metallic foil beneath the grip that contains an energy pattern infused into the foil by physicists. When swung around the body several times, it causes the nerve receptors in the joints and muscles to react correctly when tested. Just swinging the treated club results in greatly improved muscle and joint function. Consequently, the muscles involved in the swing work efficiently. This is an alternative to using the NeuroConnect Golf clips worn on the body.

Golf Shaft Enhancement Technology Videos

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