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Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT)

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The Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT) is a simple method of restoring the normal function to joints, muscles, and ligaments and optimizing the biomechanical function of your body. The QAT devices are made by physicists using a  specialized technology which infuses the instruments with energy patterns that have a dramatic effect on the nervous system. The instruments are not magnetic and have nothing to do with magnetism.

As Effective as Chiropractic Manipulation

If you go to a chiropractor you will find this technique is as efficient as a chiropractic manipulation but without the joint crack. It is a means by which everyone can realign their own spinal joints without the constant need for adjustments. Practitioners can more accurately determine the root neurological and biomechanical issues using this method. As chiropractors, we locate and treat what is commonly known as subluxations in the spine and peripheral joints.

Finding the Subluxation

From a chiropractic perspective a subluxation is not a dislocation of a joint as the term is used in the medical world, but rather, it refers to the absence of normal joint function. When a particular joint is capable of flexing forward and extending backward, and also moving laterally to the left and the right, it is considered fully functional. If for some reason the joint does not flex forward or remains locked in the extended position it is considered subluxated.

How Does this Happen?

There are a number of reasons why a joint may be locked. The ligaments around the joint may be strained, the tiny muscles that move the joint may be injured, or the nerve supply to the muscles that move the joint may be conflicted in some way. QAT makes it possible for anyone to restart restricted joints and restore muscle function with a simple two-minute routine.

Accurate Diagnosis

Using instruments shaped like pens and discs which emit an energetic frequency, we can determine which joints on your body are not perfectly connected to the brain. It is also possible to determine accurately which muscles are weak and not supporting the joint. All the joints in the body including the cranial bones can be assessed as well as all the muscles of the spine and limbs. It can also determine if ligament inflammation is the primary source of pain verses trigger points in the muscles or tendon strains. Using the devices we can immediately reconnect your brain and spinal nerves to the joint and the joint function will return to normal. You will feel no discomfort and you will immediately see for yourself that muscles that were previously dysfunctional will be completely strong again.

Learning More

For more information: www.qatechnique.com

QAT treatment routine

If you wish to understand more about this technique and learn how to use the self-treatment routine to maintain your own spinal alignment, follow this link to Amazon Kindle where you can download the free Kindle app for your phone, tablet or computer,  and download Dr. Marks new book  from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca. You can download it for free in PDF format  the from Online Store.

I prefer using this technique over any other because of its accuracy of diagnosis and completeness of treatment. I feel totally confident that the patient’s spine is totally aligned when they leave the office. Although I am experienced in the traditional forms of chiropractic manipulation, I treat myself and my family using QAT.” Dr. Mark

Patients can get their own devices and learn how to treat themselves at home if they wish. Contact Dr Mark for the latest QAT devices.

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