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The Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT) – The Science

There are a variety of quantum devices available. Many of them are wands which have a core of crystalline minerals within them, and some even contain diamond dust. Titanium or ceramic discs can also be used. The atomic properties of the materials being used allow them to retain energetic patterns. Indeed, they can become storage units for these patterns. The physicists developed a three-part process that infuses substances with Subtle Energies. The energies are first mapped using a plasma-based generator. Then the energy formula is stored and after it can be infused into most substances. For example, the energy pattern from a known medicinal healing herb can be mapped, stored and infused into a mineral solution. The solution can be taken internally in water or used topically for its medicinal purpose without the side effects or risk of toxicity. Alternatively, the energetic based solution is taken alongside the original herb to amplify the effects of the herb. In other words, the mineral solution is imprinted with the energetic information contained in the herb.

The energetic blueprint of anything can be mapped and infused into solutions or solids using this technology. Our understanding is that the host material is changed at the subatomic level. It is theorized that during the infusion process, subquarks in the nucleus of every atom making up the carrier are altered in such a way that the protons and neutrons interrelate to each other in vastly different ways. The experts believe the atomic structure of the carrier substance is the most important variable. An incorrect choice of materials can change the effectiveness of the treatment properties of the infused herb, for example. They also believe the quality of the infusion may determine how well a person will respond. Some quantum instruments are infused with complex patterns that may be confusing to the nervous system while others are infused with patterns that are too highly energetic and may result in a hyperactive response. It appears that less may be more when it comes to Subtle Energies. If you hope to bring about balance to the autonomic nervous system of a stressed individual, it is better to use an instrument or solution endowed with energetic patterns that have a modulating effect. QAT discs have been infused with an energetic pattern called NeuroConnect. The pattern has been found to directly stimulate the Central Nervous System like a chiropractic spinal manipulation but without the physical impact.

The Characteristics of Viable Quantum Energy Instruments

The reason I use the word “viable” is because some instruments, even costly ones, have absolutely no effect on the body when used for the procedures I have outlined in my book. They may work on the body in some other way unknown to me. So far I have found only two manufacturers whose technology endows the instrument with the ability to assist with diagnosis and treatment of joint and muscle dysfunction. One time I purchased an instrument from a trusted source which had no effect whatsoever and it was replaced without question. They concluded that somehow the infusion process of that particular instrument was ineffective. In my book, I explain how to test the effectiveness of your instruments.

The characteristics of viable instruments are as follows:

  • They have the ability to be entangled.
  • They can be used to diagnose acupuncture meridian imbalance as well as locate acupuncture points.
  • They have a strong corrective influence against the magnetic field (MF) from magnets placed over the conception vessel meridian.
  • They interact with the nervous system during muscle testing procedures and assist in the diagnosis of joint and muscle dysfunction.
  • They provide some EMF protection at a distance when in the entangled state.

Quantum Resonsance between devices

One of the most interesting findings when using the instruments is that they seem to join together. This is a little hard to explain. Imagine one instrument having an invisible connection to another from across the room, as if there is a pathway between them. It is easier to test this concept using the flat disc- shaped devices because they can be micro-entangled by stacking one on another, however, you can join the stainless steel wands or crystal bars together with elastic bands, and they will entangle.

It takes approximately 24 hours for this to happen. Also, a wand can be joined to a disc or pendant in the same way. What really matters is whether or not the instrument has been infused by a viable technology. Except for the energetic pattern called “ZoeLife”, it does not seem to matter which kind of energy pattern is used to infuse the instrument. Devices endowed with different patterns will still entangle. Instruments infused with ZoeLife will not entangle, but they are extremely effective for treating acupuncture meridian imbalances. Before you decide the whole concept is nonsense you should read further because quantum physicists now consider entanglement a natural phenomenon although little understood.

entangled image


Two prominent physicists, Niels Bohr, and Albert Einstein spent many years disagreeing over the concept of entanglement. The Einstein–Bohr discussion eventually led to the concept of separability. It was presumed that when two previously connected quantum elements such as electrons and photons were separated from one another, they could no longer influence each other. The theory of how the quantum world works says the opposite. Speculating on the possibility that photons and electrons could remain joined even when separated caused Einstein to refer Bohr’s theory as “spooky”. Bohr insisted it was theoretically possible. He was open to the fact there may be some reason why they could remain connected even though it was not yet understood. Now, over 100 years since the theory originated, scientists are beginning to get a better understanding of separability. Presently, researchers are using the entanglement principles in developing computation and telecommunication advances. The infusion process used on QAT devices results in them being capable of micro-entanglement with one another. However, this does not appear to be permanent. If the discs are left separate for 48 hours they will disentangle. If they are joined together again for 24 hours they will re-entangle. The Quantum Alignment Technique book explains in the detail how properties of unentangled and entangled devices are used for diagnosis and treatment.


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