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Our Methods

At ChiroSolutions we offer chiropractic care and additional programs, services, and products to help us determine the true source of your body’s pain and help your body function and heal.


The chiropractic techniques used at ChiroSolutions give you several options for care and feeling well. Learn more

Digital Pulse Analysis (DPA)

The wave patterns measured by the DPA give an accurate assessment of the age of your arteries. Learn more

Hormone Testing

We use hormone testing evaluations through saliva and urine tests, we look for hormone imbalances in your body that can cause you problems. Learn more


Neuro-ConnectTM is an entirely new and revolutionary scientific discovery, designed to optimize muscle and joint function. Use it to improve your ability to balance, control movement and maintain muscle strength. Learn more

Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT)

The Quantum Alignment Technique (QAT) is a simple method of restoring the normal function to joints, muscles, and ligaments and optimizing the biomechanical function of your body. Learn more

The Zone Diet

The Zone diet is a weight loss program based on rigorous scientific research by Dr Barry Sears. This healthy  weight-loss method allows for gradual slimming  by correcting insulin resistance without any loss of muscular density. See www.zonediet.com

To learn more about our methods and how we can help you, give us a call today! (705) 443-8777

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