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Meet Collingwood Chiropractor
Dr. Mark Metus

Collingwood chiropractor Dr. Mark Metus

Dr. Mark Metus

A Friend Led Me to Chiropractic

Dr. Mark Metus attended university with the intention to become a medical doctor. While there, he met a friend who was going to the UK to train as a chiropractor, which piqued his interest. “I went to the UK with him and enrolled in the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in southern England.”

He trained with people from all over the world, and stayed in the UK after graduation to practice with one of his tutors. “I met my wife there and remained for 23 years before moving back to Canada to practice.”

Years of Experience and Expertise

Dr. Mark has now been in practice for over 30 years and has several areas he specializes in. He’s even created a Whole Body Vibration studio in the front of his practice for his patients to use. Mark developed a series of exercises programs especially for the Whole Body Vibration machine which helps train your core and mobilize your back. Dr Mark uses a diagnostic technique called Applied Kinesiology which pinpoints the root causes of back and neck pain and associated organ dysfunction. Additionally, Dr. Mark does hormone testing via saliva and urine analysis, cardio vascular assessments using a Digital Pulse Analysis machine which determines the hardness of your arteries, a dietary program (The Zone Diet), and does testing to determine the correct nutritional products to meet your needs.

Dr Mark often recommends orthotics to maintain postural correction. He also specializes in TMJ syndrome (temporal mandibular disorders) and Cranial therapy. Dr Mark is the developer of the spinal alignment technique called Quantum Alignment Technique which is a method of correcting joint, muscle and ligament dysfunction using instruments. It is totally safe and requires no manipulative procedures and can be used by the patient at home for self-treatment and maintenance when they use his easy to follow manual.

“I look for the root cause of your pain instead of just treating your symptoms. After we solve your problems, I will show you how to maintain the correction at home or you may want to maintain your correction with monthly treatments, or come back whenever you feel you need to. I run a discharge practice and I have no intention of signing you up for life”—Dr. Mark

Keeping Chiropractic in the Family

Dr. Mark’s wife, Deana, is the practice manager at ChiroSolutions and can be found greeting patients at the front desk. She and Dr. Mark have two grown children, Hannah, who is a graphic designer, and Nathan, who is a stonemason.

Give me a call today to discuss how my care can benefit you and bring you the health you’re seeking.” (705) 443-8777

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