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Dr. Mark Metus has been in practice for over three decades, first practicing in the UK for 23 years before making the move to the beautiful Collingwood area.

Chiropractic care is offered at our practice in conjunction with several other programs we offer to provide you with the best care.

The Quantum Alignment Technique

Along with a team of physicists, Dr Mark developed a diagnostic and treatment method that accurately determines where the spinal faults are located. This non-invasive method of treatment replaces manipulation yet it has the same result as traditional manipulation. Many patients purchase their own devices to treat themselves and maintain their spinal function. This results in less chiropractic visits.

Hormone Testing

Through saliva and urine tests, we look for hormone imbalances in your body that can cause you problems. If a hormone assessment is required you will be given a test kit and the saliva or urine will be sent to a lab, which will notify us of your results. Learn more

Dietary Program

Dr. Mark is able to give consultations for The Zone Diet program. He will guide you in your protein and carbohydrate intake to maximize your body’s ability to burn unwanted fat fast, while protecting you against the loss of muscle which so often happens when you go a diet. We use professional electronic scales to determine your muscles and fat content along with your hydration level in order to monitor your fat loss and make sure you don’t have any muscle loss.

The Zone Diet  is a proven method of reducing high insulin levels (caused by cellular resistance to insulin). We can recommend meals and snacks that curb your appetite and provide the exact ratio of proteins to carbohydrates and fats to increase fat burning and reduce muscle loss. Visit zonediet.com for more information.

Nutritional Products

We carry a variety of nutritional supplements from the best manufacturers. We’ll discuss your diet and needs based on your body’s unique condition and make the necessary recommendations.

Dr Mark recommends Metagenics®  supplements. All Metagenics products  are available using this link: http://drmarkmetus.metagenics.com/ca/store 

*10% off and Free shipping from Metagenics on product sales over $50.00.

Dr Mark recommends Neuro Connect devices to help sustain spinal corrections and improve balance. For more information and to purchase please follow this link:



At ChiroSolutions, we offer you chiropractic care complemented by several other options to get you feeling great. Call (705) 443-8777 today to schedule an appointment.

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